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Functional Folder Chair Furniture by Vladimir Paripovic


Folder Chair Furniture

Folder Chair is a furniture designed by Vladimir Paripovic with functions that are versatile, flexible and of course the chair is easy to use by everyone.

Mikser: “With a goal to increase visibility of young local talents in the field of industrial design, Mikser developed Ghost project – the biggest regional expo of young design talents. One of these projects` main objectives is to bring the attention of the manufacturers, media and the public to our domestic and regional creative potential, and to encourage industries to engage experienced and promising local designers in their business enterprises. GP is competition form.”

Folder Chair Furniture

Folder chair is very usefull, every day object with fun elements and it’s made by painted steel plates 2mm and wood beech natural color. Folder chair is piece of functional furniture. Furniture is flexible with strong accent on folders, intended to be used in small rooms and limited spaces. Folder chair have free space for stuffs on back side and small space under the seat for A4 paper. Intelligent design will offer change to the way we use standard furniture, bringing new logic to daily activities.

Folder Chair Furniture

Folder Chair Furniture

Folder Chair Furniture

Folder Chair Furniture

Functional Folder Chair Furniture by Vladimir Paripovic Picture and Wallpapers

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