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IKEA 2013 Catalog for Interior Design Ideas


IKEA is a Swedish-based company is still eager to give smart ideas are interesting as well as being a solution to a problem that often occurs in the interior decoration of the room, especially the home. These ideas include the interiors for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, bathroom, kid's playroom and more. How does the idea of interior decoration works, please see the pictures below are collected in the 2013 IKEA Catalog.

2013 IKEA Catalog

The interior is well laid out with a focus on iridescence in order to create an interesting combination of decoration. This is often done to create fun for the kids.

Colorful 2013 IKEA Interior Design Ideas

Purple Cream Living Room Design Decor from IKEA 2013 Catalog

Pink White Sweet Bedroom Design from IKEA 2013 Catalog

Pine White Kitchen Design from IKEA 2013 Catalog

Home Library Open Shelving from IKEA 2013 Catalog

Colorful Kids Playrooms Decorating from IKEA 2013 Catalog

Creating a kid's play space is very troublesome, many things to think about. Not just about choosing colors, but what will be included in the room to make it look attractive, comfortable and fun as the kids play area. In addition it would be nice if we also devise a design that will help improve the intelligence of children in your thinking. Choose games that support it and create a more simple in decor so not much use the space provided. See also the interesting ideas from previous collections in the IKEA 2012 Catalog.

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IKEA 2013 Catalog for Interior Design Ideas Picture and Wallpapers

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